Baby Boomers,

Yes, it's Halloween.

What is Halloween all about?

It's not just all about candy and crazy costumes.

Halloween is about being scared.

Have you ever been to a haunted house or the recently popular "Fear Farms?"

Average people like you and I are shelling out big bucks to get the "sh*t" scared out of them.

And it works.

Modern technology is so good that the once rubber faced Frankensteins  and ax wielding doctors spattered in red food coloring have evolved into incredibly realistic blood drenched executioners and evil mutated subhuman monsters that, up until now, have only lived deep within our worst nightmares.


So why do we love to be scared?

Experts believe that we get intense physical pleasure when our hearts race, we breathe more intensely, sweat more and our stomachs turn upside down.

We feel increasingly stronger and more powerful physically when our hormones, especially Adrenalin course through our systems.

Maybe it goes back to the dark days of our human origins.

Life back then was scary.

Everything that moved was either trying to eat us or kill us.

If prehistoric man survived a close call they felt a hugely gratifying survival sensation.

So maybe today's humans experience a similar satisfaction when they have conquered and mastered something threatening. 

We walk through the front door of a haunted house not knowing what to expect and ready to face our deepest fears.

If we make it through without wetting ourselves, we experience an intense personal satisfaction that we conquered a fear we had long hidden from.

But did you know that being scared can be funny too?

Well, just watch the slideshow below for proof.

I ran across an article by Beverly Jenkins on one of my favorite websites called "About."

Beverly is a wonderfully funny author with a background in television news and streaming media production.

She is currently a freelance writer and the author of two web-based humor books.  

She co-wrote her first book, Crap I Bought on eBay (Running Press), in 2011, and her second book, Photobombed! (Sourcebooks), hit the shelves in September 2012.

Beverly writes about the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada who have been scaring the pants off of their visitors brave enough to set foot inside their creepy live action haunted house for years.  

The coolest part of this attraction is that they were clever enough to set up a rolling video camera inside a particularly hair-raising section of the haunted house.  

The resulting shots of the completely terrified patrons are hilarious.

Check out some of the very best of the Nightmares Fear Factory photos.

You may wet your pants just like the unfortunate patrons, but in your case it will be from laughter.

Happy Halloween Everyone !!

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I am not rich and famous.

Well, not yet.

But do you want to know what I do with my spare time?

Maybe not, but I am going to tell you anyway.


ecause it is highly recommended by web experts worldwide that bloggers like me need to connect at a more personal level with my readers.

I need to build a more intimate relationship with you.

I need to develop your trust and confidence so that everything I say you accept as gospel truth.

Once we begin to relate at a much deeper intellectual and emotional level, you will begin to fall under the spell of my blog and you will not be satisfied with your life until Survive55 grows to complete world domination.

Anyway, my top 5 hobbies are:

1. Collecting vinyl record albums

2. Collecting arena football sports memorabilia

3. Learning Spanish

4. Thrift store shopping

Becoming a Baby Boomer authority

There, doesn't that feel better?

Don't you feel closer to me already?

Look deep into my eyes.................


OK, maybe I'm just not that interesting.

But, h
ave you ever wondered what rich and famous people, most of whom are baby boomers do with their spare time?

Well, as part of my quest to become a Baby Boomer authority (#5)
I spend a good amount of time on interesting and thought provoking websites like "Mental Floss."

Check out this wonderful video posted by John Green on Mental Floss as he explores the hobbies of some rather successful baby boomers including Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Ryan Gosling.

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Go ahead and Google or Bing the phrase “Top 10 Business Books” and you get nearly 1.8 Trillion returns.

That in itself leads you to realize that this is an extremely important subject on this planet. 

Everybody who is somebody from Forbes and Huffington Post to bloggers like Fernando Biz and Nicola Cairncross have chimed in at one point over the past few years to list for you what they feel are the pivotal reads in the world of success and entrepreneurship.

There is definitely no shortage of websites that have found it important to let the world know that there are at least 10 critical books that you need to read that will influence your way of thinking, make you a better person and give you the drive, direction and determination to become a business, financial and personal success in your lifetime.

So why in the hell would I think that I have anything else to offer on this subject?

Because, my fellow Survive55 followers if you are already following my blog over the past 15 months and you find what I have to say (at times) interesting and helpful then you have to realize that we are cut from the same metal.

No,  we are not Steve Jobs or Marc Andreessen or Warren Buffet  but we want to be the next Salman Kahn, E.L.James or Julien Smith.

As we begin living in our 50’s we have reached an impasse in our lives that involves great decisions and risk and we are all looking for something that will make us whole and satisfied and complete as we enter our retirement years. 

This involves the basic tenants of financial security, working at a job/profession/skill that we love and making sure that we are truly going to make an impact on our worlds and leave, at least, a small yet important legacy for the future.

PictureJ & R Painting
You might ask yourself: " Jay, where does your credibility come from?"

Well, although I may not be on the radar for Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people of the past 100 years I still have done a decent job building a pretty solid resume.

I started in college by building and running my own service business (remember there was no internet back then) which I sold off to join the corporate world.

Through the years, I successfully worked my way through a series of management and sales positions (considered the easiest job you make no money at or the toughest job you make lots of money at) spending the last 15 years in middle management positions with a couple of Fortune 200 companies.

And all of this time I have read.

I love to read and I love to learn.

I have read most of the books on the Forbes and Time Magazine and Huffington Post "must read” business books lists.

I have books in my office, in my bedroom, in the study and even in my bathroom.

My philosophy is to not waste time so, if all else fails, then read.

That being said, I will share my list with you not so much as the consummate authority on which books are the best ever written on the subject but to offer you some insight from someone just like you.

You wont be a failure if you don’t read these books and you won’t become a success either just by reading them.

That comes from within.

My hope is that you take what you read in these books and build an entire life success path from their teachings.

But, I would be just as satisfied to know that you found at least one lesson or idea from just one of these books and you used it for a few months or even a couple of years to better yourself.

If I can take just one idea and implement it to become more successful then that is money well spent.

Most of these books have changed my way of  thinking, given me strength to take risks I never would have and some have given me specific knowledge on how to improve my "under nourished" life skills that I was not using to their potential previously. 

Each book I read allowed me to grow in different ways.

This list is in reverse order with the most influential book being listed last.

Here is Jay Lickus'

Top 10 Greatest Business Books of All Time

I hope you enjoy them.

10. Hard Sell (2005) by Jamie Reidy is the best example of how not to learn by example. 

Reidy writes about his experiences as a pharmaceutical sales rep during the time when Viagra exploded on the drug scene. 

His humorous look at big drug corporations and the ways in which their sales reps spent more time trying to work less is a testament to the fact that perception is not always reality. 

9.  Crush It! (2009) by Gary Vaynerchuck has a raw inspiration for driving you to believe in what you do and making sure that you enjoy yourself as you pursue your true passion in life. 

This was one of the key books in my decision to finally launch my own website and blog. 

Gary writes in a “no excuses” style as he takes you through developing your own “brand,” building support communities, marketing your passion and most importantly making money while you are at it.

8.  Outliers - The Story of Success (2008) by Malcolm Gladwell

I wish I thought like Malcolm Gladwell. 

This book launched the notion of taking 10,000 hours to get good at something. 

Malcolm looks at success in a completely different (yet factual) way summarizing that it is achieved through a combination of intelligence (both IQ and emotional intelligence), luck (opportunities and timing), cultural context and hard work (the much-reported 10,000 hours).

 I have read all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books (Blink, The Tipping Point, What the Dog Saw, David and Goliath) and recommend them all.

7. Jack Straight From the Gut (2001) by Jack Welch

If you want to learn about the world of big business why not learn from the best Jack Welch, former CEO of GE for 20 years. 

This is a straight forward exercise on his rise to power, the pitfalls he encountered, the mistakes he made and the business systems that he forged and built. 

No one can ever talk about modern business without referring back to his "Six Sigma" process, the “boundary less” leadership style and his “give and take” decision making style that centered around his intense focus on people.

6. In Business As In Life – You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate (1996) by Chester L. Karrass

This book is built upon the foundation created by his previous two books “The Negotiating Game” and “Give and Take” as well as the world renowned Karrass Negotiation Seminars. 

The title says it all. 

I read all three books and took both levels of the Karrass Negotiation Seminars. 

There isn’t a business or person decision I make now without utilizing something I have learned from this man. 

Whether it’s striving for a “Win-Win solution, handling deadlocks or negotiating for long-term goals I am constantly using the tools and techniques I gained through his instruction.

5. The 4-Hour Workweek (2007) by Tim Ferriss has got to be the ‘bible’ for those looking to live more and work less, leave the corporate rat race, become location independent and/or fund the lifestyle you have been dreaming about. 

This is a nuts and bolts approach to building a business that works for you and not the other way around. 

When you read this book you will realize that it’s not so much about working 4 hours a week but creating a business and lifestyle where you direct what happens as opposed to being pushed along by what happens. 

There are a multitude of practical tips and case studies that help you reinvent how you should do business from ecommerce shortcuts to outsourcing repetitive tasks to taking frequent "mini-retirements."

This book remains on my desk still today and I refer to it constantly for direction.

4. The Little Red Book of Selling (2004) by Jeffrey Gitomer

In my opinion, Jeffrey Gitomer is the guru of sales. 

This book as well as his entire “Little Book" series is a must have sales book for anyone working as a sales person or aspiring to become one.

It is loaded with small bite-sized pieces of expert "how to sell" information and sales techniques that inspire and encourage the reader to become the expert in sales as well as in the industry in which they sell for.

It is an excellent refresher for the seasoned sales person. 

This sales book is such an easy read, although it is not something that you will read in one sitting.

If there is such a thing as a "devotional" for sales, then the Little Red Book of Selling would be that book.

As I read through it, almost each chapter (if not every page) encourages the reader to stop and think.

It gets the wheels of the imagination turning on how to improve and master the sales techniques that you are now using or if you are a beginner in sales, it turns the light on to what you should be doing to succeed.

This is one book that I would not pass by.

Having this on your bookshelf will be a key sales tool that will be referred to again and again.

3. The Art of Strategy (1988) by R.L. Wing 

This is, in my opinion, the best in a long line of books translating the strategies and tactics outlined in the classic “The Art of War” by the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu

This is a book that needs to be reread every couple of years. 

The Art of War touches all aspects of life not just business. 

Sun Tzu believed that victory (in any circumstance) is won long before confrontation and insisted that a skilled warrior (businessman, sales person, etc.) observes, calculates, outwits and outmaneuvers his adversaries averting the destruction and fall out from direct battle. 

This translation by R.L. Wing is a clean and crisp direct translation of the original 13 “Chapters” written by Sun Tzu which lends itself to the original harmony and rhythm of the words and philosophies.

2. Think and Grow Rich (Original 1937) by Napoleon Hill

This is the single best selling personal success book of all times. 

It is a “must Read”. 

I have given copies to my entire family as gifts. 

Every chapter and every paragraph outlines the basic money making practices of over 500 extremely wealthy people that Napoleon Hill analyzed and examined over long periods of time. 

This book outlines the “secret” to success which is really no secret at all.

Think like the rich…..think how you can be rich……think, think, think. 

If you are clueless as to how to become successful in your life then read this book and convince yourself that you can be successful.


1.    The Little Engine That Could (Original 1930) by Watty Piper. 

You will probably never find this book listed on anyone else’s top 10 best business books or any other top 10 books list. 

I don’t know why since it brings to life in a most simplistic way the single most important lesson to be learned by anyone that wants or needs to be successful. 

Even before reading all of the proceeding 9 books, if you don’t master the wisdom of “I think I Can” then everything else is fruitless.  

I realize that it is a child’s book but the message is ageless. 

If you have made a decision to change your life, master your future and experience your life to the fullest then start with reading this book.

I knew you could !!!

So there you have it, my Top 10 Greatest Business books of all times. 

Did you notice that a great majority of these books are not only platforms to improve your business skills but your life skills as well?

If you don’t become the best person you can be then your business and financial success will never be the best either.

I am sure that everyone who reads this list has read books that have changed their lives and redirected their business strategies.

I would love to hear your choices.

Please add them to my comments section below so I can share them with everyone else.

Thanks for joining me………………………………………

Baby Boomers,

About 3 months ago I brought you a 5 parts series on the basics of the Social Security system.

It was my rather feeble attempt to simplify and uncomplicate this massive and complex government program for you.

At the time, I made reference to the dismal future of Social Security finances, especially the state of the funds available to retirees starting in 2030.

In it's current state and at the present rate of depletion, the financial platform will reach a point where the system will only be able to handle 75% of claims.

That's a disparaging thought especially to the generations following us Baby Boomers.

Well, I have been staying in touch with the pulse of the U.S., if you could call it that, regarding their feelings surrounding the Social Security System and it's problems.

Believe it or not, I am going to bring you some refreshing and positive news from an article posted by Janet Novack, in Forbes magazine. 

Janet  is the Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for Forbes and has worked in the bureau for more than two decades


The results of a recent poll by the Pew Research Center indicates that, not only Baby Boomers, but Gen Xers and Millennials all support measures to increase taxes to protect the future of the Social Security system.  

Do you know what that means?

In a nutshell, the majority of wage earners in the US would rather pay higher taxes and take on more of a financial burden to keep Social Security, in it's present form afloat.

That's amazing.

Here's what Janet has reported:

Poll after poll shows that Americans are more politically polarized than in any time in recent history,  but not when it comes to Social Security.  

Even among those who identify themselves as “consistently conservative,”  59% now oppose any benefit cuts, and as many (12%) favor increasing benefits as phasing it out as a government program, the Pew Research Center reported recently.  

It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, a newly reelected President George W. Bush declared he intended to spend some of his “political capital” by pushing for the partial privatization of Social Security.

Just as remarkable, support for Social Security spans not only across the political spectrum, but the generations. 

While half of younger folks say they believe they’ll never get any Social Security benefits, 61% of Millennials and 67% of Gen Xers oppose any cuts.

Read More............

Baby Boomers,

I promised everyone I would keep them up to date on the progress of the Federal Healthcare program.

Well, I just received this email notice and it's time to start planning your healthcare needs for 2015.

It's the sophomore year for "Obamacare."

Will we see the same turmoil and lack of direction we experienced with it's roll out?

Or will there by the "sophomore jinx" and we'll see the entire program implode under it's own mismanagement?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Make sure to mark your calendars.

There are 4 important dates to know.

Come back and apply for 2015 coverage on or after November 15th.

We can help you get ready for the next Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period. 

Open Enrollment is the time when you can find a new Marketplace plan, keep your current plan, or see if you can get help paying for coverage. If you want to make sure you’re covered in 2015, mark these 4 dates on your calendar:

  • November 15, 2014. This is your first day to apply for, keep, or change your coverage.
  • December 15, 2014. Enroll by the 15th if you want new coverage that begins on January 1, 2015. If your plan is changing or you want to change plans, enroll by December 15th to avoid a lapse in coverage.
  • December 31, 2014. The day all 2014 Marketplace coverage ends, no matter when you enrolled. Coverage for 2015 plans can start as soon as January 1st.
  • February 15, 2015. The last day you can enroll in 2015 coverage before the end of Open Enrollment.

So save the dates and share them with your friends and family -- because no one should miss out on affordable health coverage just because they missed the deadline.

The HealthCare.gov Team

The Project

This project is envisioned as two films:

(1)        A documentary feature entitled, “The Ghost of Daydream Believer: John Stewart’s American Spirit” and

(2)        A concert film entitled, “Daydream Believer’s 50th Anniversary: John Stewart’s American Spirit Celebration”.  

“The Ghost of Daydream Believer” looks at the long shadow the song, “Daydream Believer” cast over singer-songwriter John Stewart’s life and his music and how he ultimately came to terms with not only its monster success, but the demands of the music industry as well.  

“Ghost” will take the John Stewart Band and others close to him on a musical bus adventure across America to discover the man they thought they knew by visiting iconic people and places in Stewart’s life such as:

  • NASA for a magical friendship and Stewart space music tour [“Armstrong,” “To Ride the Lightning (One More Time)”] with John Glenn; 

  • Max Kennedy and Maria Shriver at the JFK Library to discuss John and Robert Kennedy and Stewart’s relationship with RFK and Stewart’s performing at whistle stops during the Senator’s 1968 presidential campaign; 

  • Brandywine River Museum of Art at Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to meet artist Jamie Wyeth at the Wyeth family of painters’ ancestral home and talk about how the artists inspired several of Stewart’s songs, including, “Daydream Believer;” 

  • Graceland, Elvis Presley’s famous home for a special performance of the song Stewart wrote for Elvis, “Runaway Fool of Love” on the steps of the home for Presley fans; 

  • Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego—the city Stewart was born and died in—to meet with Leslie Reynolds (former Kingston Trio mate, Nick Reynolds widow) at Stewart’s favorite hotel; and 

  • Radio station KDKB FM in Mesa, Arizona to meet with former station personnel, where the late Bill Compton, the station’s popular DJ, made Stewart a household name across the state.

Why This Project is Important?

Like John Steinbeck before him in print, John Stewart wrote songs that chronicled America’s people and its cultural history.  

Although Steinbeck is associated mostly with pre‑World War II America, Stewart composed songs during its later tumultuous social and economic growth starting with Vietnam and the civil rights movement to the recent corporate greed and social injustices in the new millennium.  

A musical career that spanned almost fifty years allowed Stewart to not only record America’s cultural history over a long period of time, but also permitted him to grow as a songwriter and performer as he looked inward for answers he could not find elsewhere.            

Stewart initially followed popular American music from the birth of rock-and-roll in the 1950's to the country’s fascination with folk music in the latter part of the decade, but his desire to grow as an artist and performer caused him to follow his muse and emerge as a solo performer in 1969 with a unique style which couldn't quite be categorized.  

Was he folk?  

Was he country?  

Was he pop?  

For record companies and radio stations who liked to pigeonhole product to sell to the masses this presented a problem and they rarely gave Stewart the musical platform he so richly deserved.  

Although he never became a household name, Stewart’s unique talents allowed him to develop a large cult following around the world that continues to this day.  

Legendary performers such as the Mamas and the Papas’ founder, John Phillips, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit, John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, and Rosanne Cash, who either worked with Stewart and/or recorded his songs, have tremendous admiration for him and his songwriting abilities.  

There are few people in the western world today who cannot sing the lyrics to “Daydream Believer” since it was first released by the Monkees in 1967.  

The song’s title even holds a place in popular American vernacular and the song has appeared as the score for several television commercials in recent years.  

But “Daydream Believer” is just one of six hundred songs in the John Stewart canon.  

Other recordings of his songs that charted over the years include “Runaway Train” by Rosanne Cash, “Strange Rivers” by Joan Baez, “Never Goin’ Back (to Nashville)” by the Lovin’ Spoonful, and “Sweet Dreams Will Come” by Nanci Griffith.  

Stewart charted with his own recordings of “July You’re a Woman,” “Armstrong,” and “Survivors,” among others, and had hits with his 1979 recordings of “Gold,” “Midnight Wind,” and “Lost Her in the Sun” which featured Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks from his album, “Bombs Away Dream Babies.”  

The lovers, the liars, the heroes, those who look the other way, those who cannot and those who search for themselves on the road—Stewart wrote about all of them as he experienced the American landscape and its people during his travels over the years on Route 66 and with Robert F. Kennedy on his 1968 presidential campaign.  

But the one person Stewart drew upon most for material was himself and it was the well he would return to most often, particularly late in life as he looked back at promises delivered and those broken by the American Dream.

Stewart learned to play the only musical instrument that America can call its own, the banjo, by reading a how-to book in the 1950s that the late, great folksinger, Pete Seeger, had written.  

In turn, Lindsey Buckingham, learned to play his guitar with banjo licks by listening to John from his collection of Kingston Trio records.  

Who knows what musical prodigies Lindsey Buckingham has in turn influenced?  

But everyone should know the part John Stewart played in this musical history chain.  

There are other reasons so many popular musicians admire Stewart: his love of country and all of its people, his talent as a performer, and his playful sense of humor, usually a pithy quip or knowing remark from the stage, which said so much about the man and aroused gales of laughter from audiences.  

In addition to his songwriting and performing skills, Stewart was also a painter, a sketch artist, a writer, a record producer, arranger and recording engineer.  

He even acquired dental skills demanded by ongoing problems with his teeth and the high cost of dentistry and offered to fix those of others close to him, but had few takers.

John Stewart’s songwriting and performing talents demand that his legacy not only be remembered by those who experienced him firsthand, but introduced to those who never knew the man or his music to find their common humanity in his songs and pass them on to future generations.


This project requires either one executive producer who can finance a substantial portion or the entire project or a few executive producers who can make a substantial donations to launch this project.  

The likely candidates are wealthy baby boomers who were/are John Stewart fans and most likely lived in Arizona during the 1970s where his popularity was concentrated.  

They may well have attended his historic “Phoenix Concerts” album recording at Phoenix Symphony Hall in March 1974.  

The anticipated concert film celebrating Mr. Stewart’s music is envisioned to be recorded at the same venue not only as a 50th anniversary celebration of “Daydream Believer,” but also the 40th anniversary of the “Phoenix Concerts” recording at the Hall.

If you are interested in supporting this project or know someone who might, please contact Producer at the following:

Steve Kosareff

TV Man Productions

2425 3rd Street  #L

Santa Monica, CA  90404

Email: TVMan@TVMan.tv

Phone: 310-392-4728

More Information About the Films

The film will incorporate interviews with Stewart’s widow, singer Buffy Ford and the John Stewart Band members including Chuck McDermott, Dave Batti, Dennis Kenmore, and Dave Crosland, musicians and friends Chip Douglas, Bill Mumy, Tom DeLisle and rock photographer/musician Henry Diltz; performance clips of the band with these special friends performing Stewart’s songs on the bus, at stops along the way outdoors along Route 66 and other iconic locations and indoors at clubs he frequented; and interviews conducted during production of both films with other celebrity musicians Stewart worked with, family members, and friends. 

Producer suggests that Moo Studios in Los Angeles work with Director to create a unique visual effects design for “Ghost,” possibly incorporating postcards from Route 66 locations and original artwork by the Wyeth family and Stewart.  Producer suggests shooting the film in 2.35:1 aspect ratio (Cinemascope) to capture the epic American landscapes Stewart loved and allow for multi-screen use (for example, a clip of Stewart singing “Armstrong” on the “Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” in center of the screen with Neil Armstrong walking on the moon [from archival 35mm color film] on either side with visual design and effects animation by Moo Studios [since both TV clip of Stewart’s performance and film of moon walk were shot in 4:3 aspect ratio they can create a triptych within ‘scope format]; in another sequence for the song, “Clack Clack,” starting with archival photos and footage of Stewart singing on Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign trail and train in motion on single 4:3 shot in center of screen suddenly enlarging to full cinemascope when strings in recording dramatically begin during stanza, “Dakota sky made us feel like the river, runnin’ free, runnin’ free”).  

Producer suggests that music producer Chip Douglas and orchestrator Bergen White (both of whom previously worked on original Stewart recordings) be engaged to produce and arrange a film score for “Ghost” composed of Stewart songs which can be used not only for the documentary, but also as orchestral accompaniment for artists’ performances in the concert film (which can be also released as audio recordings [or newly recorded in studio] to be distributed on CD and Internet downloads such as iTunes and Spotify).

“Ghost” ends and sets up the beginning of the concert film, a celebrity celebration of more than 50 of Stewart’s best-loved songs at Phoenix Symphony Hall, the site 40 years earlier where he recorded his iconic “Phoenix Concerts” album.  Some of the same performers who played with Stewart in ’74 will be asked to perform in the concert film.  Celebrity performers who either worked with and/or admired Stewart will be asked to perform at the gala.

Potential Documentary Interviewees and Concert Film Performers 

1.      Peter Asher (produced Stewart’s “Willard” album)

2.      Robert Hilburn (former Los Angeles Times music critic who championed Stewart in music reviews for the paper throughout the 1970s/80s)

3.      Valerie Venet (husband produced Stewart’s seminal album, “California Bloodlines” and later, “Wingless Angels”)

4.      Mary Kay Place (besides a noted character actress for decades of work, recently on “Big Love,” Mary Kay is also a singer and sang backup on several Stewart recordings.

5.      Jennifer Warnes (toured with Stewart in the early 1970s before her monster hit-after-hit career took off)

6.      Brian Wilson (a Stewart fan)

7.      George Yanok (high school friend)

8.      Tom DeLisle (#1 John Stewart fan and friend)

9.      John Montgomery (high school friend of Stewart and fellow member of The Cumberland Three)

10.  Tim Robbins (Tim’s father Gil Robbins, taught Stewart and Montgomery choir, and Robbins was the third member of the Cumberland Three)

11.  Ed Begley, Jr. (a Stewart fan)

12.  Tom Waits (played the same clubs as Stewart did, some at the same time)

13.  Lyle Lovett (friend of Buffy Ford Stewart)

14.  Dave Alvin (fan, friend and performer at JSB gigs)

15.  Jason Isbell (Stewart fan?  Approach for concert film appearance)

16.  Ed Sheeran (Stwart fan?  Approach for concert film appearance)

17.  Lucas Nelson (Willie’s son, a talented musician in his own right with a great voice and visual appeal.  A Stewart fan?)

18.  John Paul White (formerly of the Civil Wars duo) (Stewart fan?  Approach for concert film appearance)

19.  Nanci Griffith (had a hit with Stewart’s “Sweet Dreams Will Come”)

20.  Joan Baez (had a hit with Stewart’s “Strange Rivers”)

21.  Milk Carton Kids (Stewart fans?  Approach for concert film performance)

22.  Alabama Shakes (Stewart fans?  Approach lead singer Brittany Howard and/or group for concert film performance)

23.  John Fullbright (Stewart fan?  Approach for concert film appearance)

24.  Hunter Hayes (Stewart fan? Approach for concert film appearance)

25.  Stevie Nicks (who dueted with Stewart on his hits, “Gold” and “Midnight Wind”)

26.  Maria Shriver (friends with both Stewart and Chuck McDermott, she introduced the two men who became lifelong friends and musical partners)

27.  Bob Shane (former Kingston Trio member)

28.  Annie Martell Denver (John Denver’s first wife)

29.  Michelle Phillips (John Phillips widow)

30.  Bergen White (Elvis Presely’s—and John Stewart’s arranger for his album, “Canons in the Rain;” suggest White write orchestral arrangements of Stewart songs for both films—score for documentary; live performances in documentary; live staged performances for concert film)

31.  Tom Smothers (fan)

32.  Clint Eastwood (fan)

33.  Bill Murray (fan)

34.  Richard Dreyfuss (fan)

35.  Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles) (fan) Tim played at Stewart’s memorial concert in Malibu and would likely join other celebrity musicians for any concert film.

36.  Sean Cooper (Cal State University East Bay 2008 graduate who sang Stewart’s “Walk on the Moon” for his senior recital; video appears on YouTube).

37.  Mickey Dolenz (of the Monkees and Stewart friend)

38.  Chip Douglas (former Turtles’ bassist who produced Monkee’s recording of “Daydream Believer,” Stewart’s “Armstrong” and friend [approach for interview/performance only if he is not part of bus tour]; Douglas was also considered to replace Dave Guard in Kingston Trio, but eclipsed by Stewart’s selection.

39.  Judy Collins (reportedly dated Stewart early in their careers)

40.  Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane, formerly of the group, Spanky and Our Gang (which turned down “Daydream Believer” before the Monkees got a hold of it.  Does she regret it?)

41.  James Taylor (played on “Willard”)

42.  Carole King (played on “Willard”—has a home in Sun Valley, Idaho near my sister)

43.  Tina Nichols Coury (widow of RSO Records executive Al Coury, who signed Stewart to his last major label contract which produced three hit singles off the first album)

44.  Amy, Mikael, Jeremy and Luke Stewart—John’s children.  (Mikael Stewart is VP of Special Events for Audiotek such as the American Music Awards)

45.  Leslie Reynolds (widow of Kingston Trio member Nick Reynolds and close friends with John and Buffy.  Since Leslie and Nick were friends with John and Buffy for over 50 years she can share a great deal regarding Stewart’s career from the Kingston Trio up to the end of his life.  She is listed here for a one-on-one interview with director if she is not up to nor wants to meet with group at Hotel del Coronado above)

46.  Tom Waits (played the same club circuit as Stewart and referred to by name in one of Stewart’s songs)

47.  Rosanne Cash (close Stewart friend who recorded and had a hit record of his song, “Runaway Train”)

48.  Johnny Depp (fan of “Daydream Believer”) (host for concert film?)

49.  Patti Smith (fan of “Daydream Believer”)

50.  Lindsey Buckingham (he learned to play his guitar with banjo licks from listening to John on Kingston Trio records; later, he co-produced, played and sang on several Stewart recordings from the late 1970s/early 80s including “Gold” and “Runaway Fool of Love”.

51.  Linda Ronstadt (she played the same small clubs in Los Angeles at the same time Stewart did early in their careers.  She sang backup on a few of Stewart’s 1980s recordings, notably the beautiful high harmony on “Queen of Hollywood High.”)

52.  Bill Mumy (the former child actor’s music career started just after he finished“Lost in Space”; he played on Stewart’s critically acclaimed “Willard” album in 1970.  He recently played with Buffy at McCabe’s in Santa Monica;  if he is not part of the bus tour, he should be interviewed at McCabe’s)

53.  Henry Diltz (noted rock music photographer and musician photographed Stewart over decades (as well as most of rock’s royalty) and played on many Stewart albums and at many of his gigs; he recently took to the McCabe’s stage with Buffy and Bill Mumy)

54.  John Andrew Tartaglia (arranged orchestra for Stewart albums, “Signals Through the Glass” and “Willard”)

55.  Jimmie Haskell (arranged orchestra for Stewart albums, “Sunstorm” and “The Lonesome Picker Rides Again;” many of the song arrangements on these albums are beautiful, but Stewart rarely sung these songs in live performances.  He once said the albums were made during a bad time in his life.  What happened?  Maybe Haskell knows.)

56.  Phil Everly (knew Stewart because of their long history in the music industry only recorded once with him on the “Dream Babies Go Hollywood” album)

57.  Studio/Band Musicians: Arnie Moore (“Phoenix”), Bryan Garofalo, Russ Kunkel, Chris Darrow, Buddy Emmons, Glen D. Hardin, Loren Newkirk (“Phoenix”), Ralph Schukett, James Burton, Dan Dugmore (“Phoenix”), Waddy Wachtel, Ron Tutt, Mike Settle (“Phoenix”), Jon Douglas, Denny Brooks (“Phoenix”), Chris Whelan, Joey Harris, Kenneth Buttrey (“Bloodlines”), Norbert Putnam (“Bloodlines”), Charlie McCoy (“Bloodlines”), Lloyd Green (“Bloodlines”), Hargus “Pig” Robbins (“Bloodlines”), and Joey Carbone.

Today is "Silly Saturday" Baby Boomers.

It's time to be silly.

It's time to be really silly.

It's time to be really, really, really silly.

It's time to be so silly that after you get done with this blog you are going to say to yourself:

"Damn, that was really silly."

Below is a little slideshow of 15 of the simplest "silly" jokes I have ever heard.

I found them in a post on one of my favorite websites "StumbleUpon."

The caption read:

Reddit user that goes by the name xHOLEx asked the Reddit community:

 “What’s a joke that’s so stupid it’s actually funny?”. 

This list is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or groan in a disapproving fashion.

I have to agree.

So, do you have any really "silly" jokes you would like to share with the rest of the Baby Boomer world?

Please add them to the comment section below.

OK, it's time to stop being silly now.

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PictureHappiness is Being A Grandpa

Baby Boomers,

Do you ever wake up thinking about your grandchildren?

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was watching my daughter's 2 girls Annabell and Leila, 3 days a week while she completes her nursing degree.

Ya, it was tough breaking off on these afternoons to sit with the little rug-rats but it's an opportunity I wouldn't trade for all of the money in the world.

Well, as fate would have it, my daughter found a babysitter (a friend's teenage daughter) to replace me because she knew how busy I have been recently juggling this blog and my new career in real estate.

I have to tell you, it didn't take long for me to start "Jonesing" over being with them.

Then, as I lay in bed this morning, thinking my Grandpa thoughts, it made me sad that my other 5 grandchildren, Shaylin, Gianna, Frankie, Tristen and Kaydence are living so far away in Missouri. 

it just goes to show you that no matter how far away they live, they all are always close to your heart.

What is it about your grandchildren that tugs so strongly at your heart strings?

To me grandchildren are meant to be all play and no work.

"Send em' home when they get cranky" is how the saying goes, right?

However, grandparents should not miss out on the one of the greatest opportunities life has to offer them.

We are not totally expected to discipline our grandchildren and this gives us a special kind of relationship.


If you are like me, I work hard at convincing my children that "Grandpa" is the worlds greatest child spoiler and I have totally forgotten the meaning of the word "no".

But there is a deeper communion in this familial syndicate that we have a tendency to overlook.


As they get older, grandchildren often rely on their grandparents when things get difficult at home.

Grandparents are a safe place for these budding tigers to look for reason, support and most importantly unconditional love in this very complex and complicated world they are experiencing.

Without them realizing it yet, our grandchildren know that we have some of the answers they are looking for, even if they are not the answers they are looking for.


And our kids, these wonderful young parents,  often rely on us, without really realizing,  to help raise their children and help them keep their sanity.

What a great job to be a grandparent.

Grandparents would do well not to squander the opportunities life has given to them.


So, I'm searching out what other baby boomers feel about their grandkids and I run across this poem written by a young girl named Jackie that I had to share with you.

Thank You Jackie !!

Just Like Him © Jackie

He taught me how to build a fire;
he gave me hope and desire.

He taught me how to build a chair;
he told me that life wasn't fair.

He watched every basketball game
and treated me like fame.

He bought me ice-cream
and listened to my every dream.

I talked to him everyday,
we never ran out of things to say.

Without him I don’t know who I’d be,
but one things for certain I wouldn't be me.

He taught me how to be just like him,
and I already am within.

Go see your grandkids today if they are near or give them a call or send them a card or letter if they live far away.

Celebrate them !!!

PictureHow Grandpa Jay looks to his Grandkids
Go see your grandkids today if they are near or give them a call or send them a card or letter if they live far away.

Celebrate them !!!

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Baby Boomers,

We've talked about it before......

There is no humility in growing older.

Well, now you have you chance to show the world you agree and support a great event at the same time.

Next month Phoenix, Arizona will host the 2014 Phoenix Undy Run/Walk event to raise money and increase awareness for colon cancer research. 

The Undy Run/Walk will test your level of humility because it asks its participants to run or walk wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothes.

This represents a simple reminder to open the dialogue with your doctor about getting screened for colorectal cancer if you are over the age of 50 or experiencing symptoms at any age.

This year, the Undy Run/Walk is on Sunday, November 16th at the State Capitol District. 

The Fit at Fifty "HealthCheck" Program at the Arizona Department of Health Services (Yes, the home of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program) is gearing up for another great event to raise awareness and get people screened for colorectal cancer.

Visit the Colon Cancer Alliance online to learn how you can participate in this awesome event.