Do you have an insatiable need to learn as much as you can about life?

Are you also one of those people that always tries to stay "one step ahead" of everyone else?

You know what I mean don't you?

You always try to have the odds in your favor.

You always enter a gunfight with the sun at your back.

You're a risk taker but you know how to avoid danger and conflict because you see it coming a mile away.

It's because you have a strong intuition.

You're savvy.

You have street smarts

You know "things."

Today,  my fellow baby boomers is your lucky day.

Even if you don't liken yourself to being a modern day James Bond, I am here to give you some information that will make you a little more intuitive, a little more savvy and a little more street smart.

Today, I am going to help you to  "know things."

That's right.

And I'm not here to teach you the fundamentals.

You already have those down.

I'm not here to instruct you on the essentials that will improve your life skills.

No, these are things, subtle things that could mysteriously change the
way you act.

Things you never thought would be important to know.

These are powerful things that are  influential in their own insignificance.

These are things that probably no other blogger would think you should know.

That's why I'm different.

I got your back.

10 Useless Statistics That Could Change Your Life

1.  The average 4-year-old asks over 400 questions a day

Hey, if that’s the case then let the grandparents at the kids. 

The grandparents know way more than the parents anyway and probably have an answer for everything a 4 year old is looking for. 

Mom and Dad, if you don’t have the time or brain power to go one on one with your 4 year old then send him to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a dose of good old fashion answers.

2.  13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them

Never go one on one with a vending machine if it fails to dispense your soda or candy bar. 

It’s just nor worth the pain and suffering that could result. 

Be smarter than the machine. 

Have a plan “B” ready before you start feeding the machine coins.

3.  40% of women have hurled footwear at a man

Don’t say anything stupid to a woman who is wearing big, heavy spiked boots or nine inch nails. 

If you want to fight with a woman only do it when she is wearing soft flip flops or flats.

4.  50% of bank robberies take place on Fridays

That only makes sense right?

Friday is payday. 

Why not wait until Saturday to make your deposits. 

Bank robbers seldom work weekends. 

5.  A car is stolen every 30 seconds in the U.S.

With so many being stolen every day and everywhere why bother owning a nice car? 

I mean, a car is just for filling basic transportation needs right?

Who needs a Mercedes or Bentley or Rolls Royce when you have to worry about it being stolen all of the time? 

Get yourself a “beater.” 

With the money you save you can pop a nice engine under the hood, add some rally suspension, throw in some nice Recaro bucket seats and nobody knows the better. 

Imagine the fun you will have burning out at stoplights when the kids in the Porsche next to you are laughing at your car.

6.  The average person speaks about 31,500 words per day

This is a simple one. 

Stay away from people that talk too much. 

Even better stay away from everyone. 

You will get a lot more accomplished and experience more of what life really has to offer. 

7.  Couples who marry in January, February and March tend to have the highest divorce rates

Soooooooo……get married in January, February or March. 

Since the divorce rate is already at 50% why fight it? 

At least you can go into your marriage resting easy knowing it is already doomed for failure. 

I’m kidding!!!  

They are too freaking cold anyway to be planning a wedding.

8.  The average person will spend two weeks over their lifetime waiting for the traffic lights to change

What does this teach you? 

That’s right, never stop at traffic lights. 

Imagine what you could do with an extra two weeks of life. 

If that suggestion scares you then I suggest you plan your travels ahead of time so that you only come to stop signs. 

They are much quicker to navigate.

Who cares if you have the right away? 

Just go and save those precious seconds. 

You probably will never see the same people at the intersections again.

9.  Odds of being killed in a car crash: one in 5,000

This statistic goes hand in hand with # 5 in telling you to buy a “beater.” 

Make sure it’s a big “beater”, an old “beater”, a metal monstrosity with big chrome bumpers and angle iron.

Surround yourself and your loved ones with as much metal as possible.

Be prepared for anything.

Install 4 point safety harnesses
and wear helmets.

10.  Qatar has the lowest death rate in the world at 1.6 deaths for every 1,000 persons

What are we waiting for? 

Let’s all go to Qatar. 

It’s safe there and you live a long, long time.

Oh, by the way, does anyone know where Qatar is?

Now that you know these 10 "things" I bet you feel more relaxed and confident about yourself.

People will be amazed how you confident you now are.

You are ready for anything life throws at you.

Do you have any tips like these you would like to share with the rest of our baby boomer generation?

Don't be bashful and definitely don't be greedy with them.

Please share them in the comments section below.

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I couldn't think of a better technological advancement than "Powdered Alcohol" to kick off my new website page called " 50+ Cool Technology" for the Baby Boomer Generation.

If you look at the very top bar on this page you will see the 4th tab over will direct you straight there.

Keep an eye on it for future postings on
new gadgets, devices, and select technologies that Baby Boomers need to make their lives better, simpler and more fun.

There is breaking news yesterday April 21, 2014 from FoxNews.com.

A powdery new way to get buzzed at Palcohol.com................

Ever tried to transport a bottle of alcohol only to give up because it was too heavy or it broke? 

Meet your new best beverage friend: powdered booze.

A patent for Palcohol has now been approved by the Treasury Department, reports Lehrman’s Beverage Law.

According to the product website, Palcohol is expected to launch this fall.

Six versions are on tap to be released including a Vodka flavor that has been distilled four times, a plain rum powder, and four cocktail powers – Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita (Margarita), and Lemon Drop. 
All you need is a little water to get the party started.

The product is gluten free.

The site is even touting its potential as a condiment, right up there with salt, pepper, and a little Parmesan cheese.

This is from their website, according to Lehrman:

"We’ve been talking about drinks so far. But we have found adding Palcohol to food is so much fun. Sprinkle Palcohol on almost any dish and give it an extra kick. Some of our favorites are the Kamikaze in guacamole, Rum on a BBQ sandwich, Cosmo on a salad and Vodka on eggs in the morning to start your day off right. Experiment. Palcohol is great on so many foods. Remember, you have to add Palcohol AFTER a dish is cooked as the alcohol will burn off if you cook with it…and that defeats the whole purpose."

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved Palcohol for retail and it will be regulated the same as any other alcoholic beverage and be subject to similar licensing approval requirements.

Gawker initially reported that the brand’s website was promoting the idea of using the powder to discretely get your alcohol fix on the cheap when attending a sports game, but the Palcohol website has taken down those references and replaced it with the following statement:

“Many media outlets copied some of that old verbiage about taking Palcohol into venues to avoid high drink prices,” the new site states. “But what they didn't include in their stories is that we mentioned on that same page, that you should check with the stadiums first to make sure they allow it.”

Palcohol is also claiming that the labels featured on their old site are incorrect.

No word yet on pricing information but Palcohol says the product will likely be packaged in a single shot serving.

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You know what?

All of the "tax time" discussion this month has gotten me wondering about and interested in knowing how long should I keep my files and important papers so I am ready if and when our helpful government decides it's time to look up my panties?

I mean really, are there rules and/or a statute of limitations?

If not, then what are the best recommendations?

I think everyone, down to the very last Baby Boomer, is confused on this issue and has a tendency to save every last scrap of paper in case of a possible future reprisal (think financial colonescopy) by "Big Brother."

Well, in the hopes of reducing your paper stockpile and assisting you in getting together an organized and functional filing system for next year's tax time, let's take a look at what the experts have to say on this subject.

There are many places on the world wide web to look for recommendations on what documentation in your life is considered important and what isn't including:

So pull the shredding machine over to your desk, fill up your coffee and let's start with the easy stuff first.

To help avoid identity theft, make sure that you shred anything you would normally just throw away that contains personal data or even looks like it contains personal data.

I even go so far as to shred the envelops that my mail comes in because I just don't trust those cryptic looking bar codes that are stamped across the bottom of them

Hey, better safe than sorry I say.

Who knows what type of information they contain and what hackers could do with it.

You know, on average more than
50 percent of the general population run their documents through a shredder before they discard them.

Basically, it's just a great habit to get into.

Make sure to get a crosscut shredder rather than one that only cuts in strips.

A strip cutter
leaves long paper bands that could be reassembled by a would be identity thief if they were really intent on finding out more about you.


Depending on the type and tax significance of your personal information, I have created a list of 5 different categories that just about everything can be filed into.

If you are like me, I think the first category will surprise you and be the hardest for you to get used to just because we think we are doing ourselves a favor by keeping every receipt, bill, statement and important looking scrap of paper that is handed to us or comes in the mail.

If you follow the outline below, you may find a certain sense of exhilaration in getting rid of all of the
useless paperwork that has been creating such an unnecessary distraction in your life.


1. What paperwork should you discard after inspection and review?

Documents that you have no long-term need include:
  • Bank Records - Keep deposit and ATM receipts until you reconcile them with your monthly statements then shred them.
  • Cancelled checks for cash or nondeductible expenses
  • Monthly checking and savings account statements - If they are not needed to prove deductions with your tax records then they can be shredded.
  • Credit-card bills - You don't need to keep them after you've checked and paid them, unless you need a bill to support a deduction you'll be taking on your taxes, such as for a charitable donation (in which case you'll need to file the bill with your current-year tax records).
  • Investment statements - You can shred your monthly and quarterly statements from brokerage, 401(k), IRA, Keogh, and other investment accounts as new ones arrive. 
  • Expired warranties
  • Other records no longer needed, such as those that were replaced by newer versions - manuals of appliances that you've replaced, etc.


2. What paperwork should you discard yearly after doing your taxes?

  • Pay stubs, after reconciling with W-2
  • Monthly checking and savings account statements. After you do your taxes, file any statements needed to prove deductions with your tax records; the rest can be shredded
  • Insurance policies - Keep policies that you renew each year, such as those for your home, apartment, or car, until you get new policies, then shred the old ones.
  • Social Security statement - When you get your new statement shred the old one

3. Miscellaneous times to hold certain paperwork

  • Credit-card bills - If an item you've charged is under warranty, keep the bill until the warranty expires. Staple the credit-card bill to the warranty document and put it in a file with other warranties; you may need the bill as proof of purchase if the item needs repair.
  • Investment statements - hold on to annual statements until you sell the investments. You may want to have separate folders for traditional and Roth accounts to help you keep track of amounts that are deductible and non­deductible for tax purposes. Better yet, sign up for electronic statements if your financial institutions offer them.
  • Business Contracts - hold until updated or dissolved
  • Home purchase and improvement records - It is only necessary to hold them until the tax year after you have sold the property.
  • Real Estate Deeds - Hold for as long as you own the property.
  • Loan Documentation -  Again, it is only necessary to hold the paperwork until the tax year after you sold the item the loan was for if needed for tax preparation. 
  • Receipts for large purchases - Until you sell or discard the item
  • Service contracts and warranties - Until you sell or discard the item
  • Vehicle Titles - Until you sell or dispose of the vehicle
  • Wills - Until updated

4. What paperwork should I hold these for seven years?

  • Personal federal and state tax returns and their supporting records. You should keep them because your returns can be randomly audited up to three years after the date you filed the return. If you fail to report more than 25 percent of your gross income, the government has six years to collect the tax or start legal proceedings. You can be audited at any time if the IRS suspects you of fraud.

After seven years, you may want to keep just the tax returns if you'd like to track your income over the years. Keep tax records more than seven years old in your out-of-the-way file cabinet. Better yet, scan the returns into your computer and store them on a CD or external hard drive.

5. What important paperwork should you keep forever?

Consider keeping copies of the following documents in a safe deposit box or locked in a fireproof/waterproof safe in your home:

  • Adoption papers
  • Advance directives*
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Citizenship papers
  • Contracts of importance
  • Deeds and property titles
  • Educational Records
  • Household inventory
  • Life insurance policies
  • Marriage licenses and divorce decrees
  • Military service records
  • Passports
  • Powers of attorney*
  • Social Security cards
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Wills*
*Since the safe deposit box will be sealed at your death, keep a copy of your will somewhere accessible. The same goes for the advance directive and powers of attorney since you may not be able to give others access to the safe deposit box.

Well, hopefully this information will help you from cluttering up hundreds of file boxes and cabinets in the future with useless paperwork.

At the very least, you home will be less of a firetrap than before.

Just let me state here that this is not legal information that I am sharing with you. 

I am not a lawyer or financial expert nor have I ever played one on television.

This is obviously not an "all-inclusive" list so please let me know of any other tips you have in handling personal paperwork.

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There are smart phone apps that you can't live without.

And then t
here are thousands of cell phone apps out there that really do not serve any kind of purpose.

Here is a smart phone app that really should be marketed to the general public.

I see this device as having real world business applications well beyond the humorous social and personal etiquette possibilities.

But that is just me.

I hope you enjoy the little "Silly Saturday" video below called "Toot Tone."

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Is it a good morning Survive55 followers?

Hopefully you all have successfully put  another April 15th behind you.

Did you get your taxes in the mail by midnight last night?

I wonder if everyone who reads this blog understands why I asked that question.

Well, our younger followers may not realize that back in the day (when life was simpler and paper was king) before TurboTax online and the eponymous E-file option, the vast majority of hard working United Staters would wait until the very last minute to finish their tax returns and get them postmarked before the dawning of April 16th.

Yes, post offices even stayed open to midnight on April 15th  with uniformed employees meeting weary eyed filers at the curb to collect tax return envelopes shuffling baskets of returns back and forth to and from the big blue mailboxes.

It was such a festival like atmosphere that savvy retailers even lined the post office lots handing out everything from office supplies to hot coffee to last second tax advice.

It was a national event that was celebrated in print, on the news and even in big screen movies.

It was an experience that needed to be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

But those days are gone forever.

Due to the massive decline in mailing returns and just as massive federal budget cuts, post offices no longer stay open late on tax day.

They don't need to any more but we will always miss this yearly event.

As a blog from "The New York Times" City News Room  laments:

"Way back when, it was one of the city's hottest nightspots."

"There were lines out the door and frenzy within. Amid the excitement, deals were made and hearts were broken."

"We speak, of course, of the mad scene at the city's main post office on Eighth Avenue as the clock ticked toward midnight on Tax Day."

"The magic is gone."

I often wondered if we really truly needed to have our taxes postmarked by midnight on April 15th.

What difference would it make if they were postmarked at 12:03 on April 16th?

Would we have to wear a scarlet letter on our chest until next year's  tax day?

Would we  lose our citizenship for a year?

Would we be sent to debtor's jail?

Back in the day nobody asked....we just made sure we were filed by midnight on April 15th.

We imagined there were consequences so dark and life threatening that nothing could stop us from making the midnight deadline if even by mere seconds.

Well, according to the TurboTax website, a late filing penalty applies if you owe taxes and didn't file your return or extension by midnight of April 15.

  • This penalty also applies if you owe taxes, filed an extension, but didn't file your return by October 15.
  • The late filing penalty is 5% of the additional taxes owed amount for every month (or fraction thereof) your return is late, up to a maximum of 25%.

Hey, that can actually be a pretty hefty fine even if you are a couple of days late.

I guess our government doesn't fool around....at least not when it comes to taking our money from us.

I mean do you really think they are going to review your return the instant it is filed?

Heck no.

 It may take days, weeks even months before someone opens that envelope to see how much you cheated.

But I guess that doesn't matter.

If our government wants your money and it's not there on time then you will feel the pain.

One thing I didn't know....the late filing penalty is 10 times higher than the late payment penalty.

So, if you can't pay your tax bill on time and you didn't file an extension then at least file your return as soon as possible.

Remember you can always cheat more / amend it later !!!

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Fellow Survive 55 Baby Boomers,

In one of last week's blogs we talked about how to create safe and secure passwords for your internet usage.

Well, out timing couldn't have been better.

It appears that the "Heartbleed"
bug is a clear and ever present danger to everyone now and it has taken root and is growing.

I really don't understand the technical "tomfoolery" that goes on behind the scenes if you or a website you visit is affected by this bug.

Somehow, it works it's way into your personal information and history of websites that you visit like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and many others.

This "bug" allows the attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.

It just doesn't sound good does it?

Anyway, head back to last week's blog and read it closely.

Just click on the link below:


Change your passwords !!!

The Heartbleed bug was discovered over a week ago and is  causing quite a stir around the web.

If you haven't changed your passwords yet, this is your first order of business this week.

The website "Mashable" has published
 a wonderful  comprehensive list of which sites you need to change.

I know it's a hassle but why take a chance, huh?

While you are at it, you should definitely change all of your online passwords you run into over the next couplke of weeks.

Better safe than sorry I always say.

Make sure to
bookmark this blog as well.

I will keep you posted as things evolve
because things seems to be changing from day to day as companies apply their own protocol patches. 

Don't forget - it's always a good idea to change your passwords regularly.

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What a great cocktail party discussion topic, huh?

I'm sure everyone dreams about what they would do if they had gobs of money and silver screen notoriety.

Now, as you are getting older,
do you feel those dreams have passed you by?

Or,  have you already made the tough decisions to arrange the priorities in your life to reach your personal and financial goals.

If you haven't yet it is never too late.

Remember, it all starts with the first step..................

Well, today, my fellow Baby Boomers, you will have to indulge me for a while while I have my own little cocktail party and prattle on about the type of person I would be if I were suddenly a member of the jet set elite.

I'm not totally sure if I will ever reach that lofty status but I plan to get as close as possible.

You know what they say...........Money can't buy you happiness but it can buy you a boat big enough to pull up along side of it !!!


Hang Out with Rich & Famous People

I would hook up some fun distractions to spend time with people like Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell or Ed O'Neill. 

There is a whole universe of famous folks that look interesting on TV but are basically unapproachable now because of their celebrity.

If I was rich and famous then maybe I could take in a ballgame with Jim, Dinner with Ed, Las Vegas with Steve or Drinks with Morgan. 

I would get to know them and if I liked them (and vice verse) I would build an eclectic circle of friends to spend time with.

As they say, you are the average of the ten closest people that you have the most contact with in your life.

It would be fun to create that mix up.

Develop a Sense of Style

Not that I don't dress the way I like now but with unlimited time and funds I know I would look and dress differently.

I think everyone, with the financial opportunity, would have a singular and defined image that they would  display to the world.....don't you?

In my case, it wouldn't be too flashy, probably just more stylish, comfortable and timeless.

Travel A Lot

I don't think I would stop traveling.

I would visit every part of the world and those places I liked I would revisit.

I'm sure there would be a lot more beaches involved in my life.

Get a Facelift

This may sound narcissistic and self absorbed but why not?

I wouldn't go to the extreme like Michael Jackson or want to develop a plastic face mask like Joan Rivers, Mickey Rourke or Barry Manilow but I definitely would fight tooth and nail to slow down the ravages of age.

A little tuck here and a little lift there just to stay tasteful and attractive.

Take Care of Family and Friends

Everyone around me would definitely be better off if I had the resources to make it happen.

Nobody would get spoiled (O, maybe my grandkids would) but I would undeniably make sure that they enjoyed life to the fullest.

Work Out More

I would do my best to stay in shape and stay as healthy as possible.

It would almost be a necessity since I would be sampling every possible cultural food from wherever I traveled.

I wonder how many different types of hot dogs there are in the world?

Be Nicer to People

Sometimes, when you are not so rich and famous you just can't afford to be nice to everyone.

You just don't have the time or the resources at your disposal.

I would make it a point to let people know how much I appreciate them if they deserve it.

It would also be cool to help people help others as well.

There are folks in this world that are truly compassionate and they deserve all of the backing I could give them.

Learn an Instrument

I would be satisfied with just learning one but I would love to be able to play them all.

Music is the universal language.

It is the ultimate artistic expression.

It is direct communication with the Gods.

Drive a "Sleeper"

If I was rich and famous I don't think I would have a lot of "toys" but I am still a man (and a boy at heart) so I know I would definitely have a killer car to drive around in.

It would probably be something from my youth but restored, modified and technologically updated.

And it would be understated.

As in all things in life, you should never tip you card as to what lies underneath your hood.

Spend More Time Alone

With fame and fortune comes issues as well and one of them you hear the most of is the lack of privacy.

I would definitely find a way to have my solitude, my quiet time and my own personal freedom, even more than now.

I enjoy my "alone time" and I wouldn't giver that up for all of the riches in the world.

What would you do if you were suddenly rich and famous?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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I know this is in German (I think?) but it still too damn funny.

Who doesn't need more of this in their lives?

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Every so often I run across some advice on the internet that just has to be shared with our entire Baby Boomer generation.

Today is one of those days.

I think this little tidbit of advice will change your lives forever.

How did we not see this before?

Has it always been right in front of our eyes?

I couldn't believe it when I first read it.

It's so helpful to find a little health warning like this that is so beneficial and yet so simple to follow.

It appears that, since the creation of bottled hair shampoo back in the 1930's  we have been doing things all wrong.


If you really have to use bottled shampoo then don't allow the shampoo to run down your body.

Hurry, run to your shower.

Look at the label on the front of the bottle.

What does it say?


That's right.

No wonder the entire population of the U.S. has been steadily "thickening" over the past 50 years.

When we shower and wash our hair we let the shampoo run down our whole body even though there is a clearly written warning on the front label of the bottle that states

What the hell have we been thinking?

Why didn't we figure this out sooner?

Stop the madness now.

Well, when I found this out I got rid of all of my shampoo.

Then I started reading labels.

I am going to start showering with Dawn Dishwashing Soap.

It's label reads.................wait for it..................wait for it.............................


Problem solved!

If I don't answer the phone, I'll be in the shower!

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