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Baby Boomers,

Sometimes you find the greatest advice in the strangest of places and when you least expect it

This morning I ran across this poem by Rudyard Kipling in a little coffee shop magazine and even though I had read it many times in the past, today it "clicked."

Today, and going forward I will heed his advice.

Today, and going forward I will build my life with my "worn-out tools."

Today, and going forward I will be a man.

Won't you join me?



If you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;   
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;   
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;   
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,   
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

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Baby Boomers,

Yesterday, we talked about your intuition and how important it is to make sure it is properly developed and nurtured.

Hopefully, you took the little quiz- "20 QUESTIONS TO EXPLORE YOUR INTUITIONthat was provided and have your total number ready to analyze.

If you want to take the quiz CLICK HERE.

There is a great business article written by the mastermind Warren Buffett called:

"The Importance of Intuition and Trust in Personal and Business Success".

It was published on March 8, 2011 in Warren Buffett in the News.

I highly recommend that you read it.

Here is a short excerpt from that article where Warren talks about his friend Marc Allen and a business opportunity that needed him to trust his intuition:

"Intuition is often viewed more as a feminine trait but men use their intuition as well."

"Best-selling author, Marc Allen, reflecting on one of his mistakes regarding a business deal that went sour, said in a teleseminar:"

“My first gut impression when I looked in his eyes was “Don’t trust this guy”. That was my initial intuitive impression and ever since then I've never denied that intuitive impression. I always wanted to meet people face-to-face. Just look in their eyes and you get a lot of intuitive information.”

"Allen’s intuition was proved right when the company that this guy was brought in to manage went belly-up."

"Some people underestimate the power of their intuition but it is not just a whim." 

"Intuitive thought or a hunch is often the result of, among other things, our senses taking in and analyzing a mass of data and helping us to formulate an opinion on the subject and assess a situation in a uniquely insightful way manner."

Warren Buffett confirms that intuition is an important decision making tool in the world of big business and this guy flies at 50,000 feet where the BIG money making decisions are made.

It goes without saying that intuition is just as important in our everyday decisions.

  • What are your priorities for the day?
  • What type of people should you surround yourself with?
  • Should you maintain a healthy exercise regimen?
  • Do you need that new boat?
  • Do you need that next beer?

Use your intuition to make the right decisions and you will find that you will be experiencing a greater positive momentum in your life.

My intuition tells me that I have rambled on long enough.

So onward to the results of your quiz.........

If you score less than 10, your intuition is awakening.

Tips to strengthen your intuition:

- Set an intention to reconnect with your powerful inner spirit by deep breathing and/or silent meditation. Remind yourself daily that you are part of a much larger interconnected universe and your spirit speaks to you through intuition.

- Keep a journal about all events that relate to following your intuition. Example: You acted upon your vibes and left for work 15 minutes earlier only to find an unbearable traffic jam later on. It’s not always easy to follow your inner-voice, but the hard-core evidence can give you more courage.

- Acknowledge, notice and act upon your vibes as often as possible, even though it might feel bizarre or difficult at times. For example, if you have a funny feeling about a business partnership, make sure you check the integrity and all necessary documents about your partner.

- Feed your spirit daily. Tame the skepticism and enjoy expanding your intuitive awareness.

If you score 11 – 25, your intuition is developing and working for you.

Tips to strengthen your relationship with your intuition:

- Set an alone time for yourself daily, tune-in to your inner-world.  Set an intention to “speak”, “meet” or feel your spiritual guides.  Bear in mind that the experience of connecting with your spirit guides often is subtle.  You might see images through your mind’s eye, or hear a whisper, or a strong sense of inner-knowing. Don’t expect a golden face to suddenly appear in the air and speak to you out loud.

- Find and join a like-minded group to witness and nurture each other’s progress.

- Devote a few hours per month to explore sixth sense development.  Research what your mentors ( Einstein, Buffett, Jobs, Hawking, Tesla, Darwin, Edison) do to improve their intuitions and decision making process.

- Learn to discern the differences between intuition and emotions. Many people think that emotion is intuition, and they blindly followed their emotion but end up having a horrific experience. You don’t want to follow your emotions all the time. Otherwise you’ll be on a roller coaster!

- Emotions are intensive, heavy, clouded, most of the time fear-driven (eg, triggered by past unhealed wounds.  Real intuitive guidance is always clear and delivered with a “neutral” and loving tone. Real guidance will never frighten you nor tell you that you are “special”.

- When you feel like you are overwhelmed by your own emotions, do some body movements, such as dancing, yoga or walking amongst nature, before tuning into your intuition or making any decisions.

If you score 26 – 40, you have a pretty good relationship with your intuition. You are a natural! 

Tips for making intuition work for you in more aspects of life:

- Ask your Higher Self to inform you about your life purpose: What is your life purpose? What gifts do you have? How can you share your gifts and serve the world best?

- Try some observational exercises daily.  Example: Noticing the details and or colors of the buildings on your way to work and see if you could pick out something new every day.

- Openly talk about your intuition with people around you, despite the fact that some might not understand.  Acknowledge and respect your feelings no matter what.

- Aim not to make any decisions in a rush, even if they appear to be super-urgent ones.  Refer to your inner-self to lead you throughout the day.

- When you are at this level, my friend, you need to set a firm energetic boundary to prevent yourself from becoming too sensitive to their surroundings.  Without knowing it, they end up absorbing the energy from others (quite often anxiety and negativity given the pace of our society right now).  Protect yourself from negativity.  Take walks in private or take a relaxing bath. If you feel anxiety in a public area envision your own private space that surrounds you and can only be penetrated with your permission. 

Constantly check-in with your own energy and shake off any stagnant energy you have absorbed by exercising or yoga.

If you score 41-60, this is clearly one of your most innate gifts, sharing and educating intuition development is part of your life purpose.

Tips for taking it to the next level:

- Be courageous and use your intuition to help and direct others if you haven't already.

- Make self-care and self-love your top priority.  Find a reliable healer to balance your chakra regularly (tame the tendency to do everything yourself).

- Consider blending intuition into your work, especially if you are a coach, therapist, teacher or in a creative field such as a  writer, designer or artist.  Invest time to develop your higher level psychic channels such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience.

- Explore your strengths using different intuition developing tools like Numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards.  See which one(s) you are particularly drawn to.

- Practice “observation” not “absorption” and “empathy” not “sympathy”.  Find the difference between living emotionally and living in concert with your inner self.

- Aim to become a role model – a balanced being, and inspire others to reclaim their intuition and share their gifts.

I hope taking this quiz helped you find not only the strength of your intuition but helped you understand the importance of using your innate abilities to make decisions based on your internal instinctive capabilities rather than just relying on just obvious facts and appearances.

All great business and spiritual leaders promote the development and use of your intuition.

What do you think?

In case you were wondering, I scored a 32.

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Baby Boomers,

Do you know what I am going to talk about today?

OK, maybe some of you do and some of you don't.

At the very least, you know it's going to be something good right?

That is your intuition talking to you.

What is your intuition?

Before you learned to utter your first goo goo,  gaa gaa or piercing cry you relied on your intuition to get what you needed.

Intuition is your first language.

Just like animals have their instincts hunting for food and avoiding danger, we human beings are born with intuitive abilities which navigate us to the best choices that we can make in our lives.

Can you picture when you were just a young pup about a day old?

You felt hungry.   How did you get food?

Intuition led you to the act of crying which brought on a reaction from your mother to feed you.

Had bad gas from dinner.  How did you get rid of it?

Intuition led you to the act of crying and your mother burped you.

Poopy diaper.........you start crying and shazam....clean diaper!

Your intuition was the way you drew attention to your most basic needs.

It was and still is your most basic communication with the world.

It is even more interesting to note that your mother also possessed a strong sense of intuition because she could tell what you wanted just by figuring out which scream meant what.

Pretty nifty huh?

Sadly, many have gradually ignored, overlooked and under-developed our sense of  intuition since our early years.  This is when our ego personality starts to develop and absorbs everything around us.

However, as a Baby Boomer do you feel that you are experiencing a personal consciousness awakening ?  Do you feel sharper and more focused on studying, learning and experiencing what life has to offer now than you ever have before?

I, for one, am totally in tune with enjoying life, especially the simple things.

As a "Baby Boomer" there is no better time to reclaim and rebuild your intuition than now.

As the intrinsic leader of the animal caste hierarchy on this planet, your intuition has developed into a more complex and advanced system than the basic survival, fear-based animal instinct of the majority of other living creatures.

Your intuition is your spiritual power working through you, like an internet connection between you and the great universal wisdom.

Many great philosophers and inventors throughout history, including Sun Tsu, Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs have claimed that their "A-Ha" moments came through like ideas just dropping into their head.

They relied on their "intuitions" to make right decisions and direct them on the right course of success in life.

It is important to find out if you have a strong "intuition" because if you do then you should use it, confide in it and trust it as part of your everyday decision making - especially important life decisions.

If your "intuition" is weak, then it is important to develop the proper skills to focus on and redevelop it's strength and usefulness.

How would you like to find out just how intuitive you really are?

I found a wonderful quiz (20 questions) to help you explore your level of intuition.

It was developed by Yiye Zhang, a Chinese intuitive business coach and spirit guide. 

You can follow her work at :  http://yourlifeexpression.com/

This quiz will help  you to see how naturally intuitive you are and how well you utilize your intuition.

Tomorrow, based on your scores, I will also list some tips to develop or strengthen your intuition, no matter where you are right now.

Understanding your intuition and listening to it can make your life much more interesting, rewarding and adventurous. If you are retired it can help you find your true passion in life.  If you lost your job recently, it can help you find the career direction that will bring you the most reward and satisfaction.  If you are in between relationships it will give you an idea of the type of person you should share your future with.  If you are experiencing family/friend issues it will help guide you fairly and compassionately in your decisions.

It is important to listen to your intuition.

Here we go.................

Answer each question quickly, honestly and decisively.

Choose one the following answers to each question: 

Always, Sometimes, Occasionally and Never.


You score:

3 for Always

2 for Sometimes

1 for Occasionally

0 for Never

                                            20 QUESTIONS TO EXPLORE YOUR INTUITION


1. When you visit a new place, you can feel something in the air, (“friendly”, “pressured”, “joyful”, “challenging”, “confusing” etc.) although you might not be able to put your finger on it straight away.

2. You experience telepathic connections with your loved ones.  Example: dreaming about your friends and then receiving an email from them, correctly guessing who is ringing you before picking up your mobile.

3. You experience deja vu.

4. You tend to get overly involved in other people’s problems or challenges.

5. You feel that you are connected with your "Higher Self" easily.

6. You experience “coincidences” during major changes.  Example: job hunting, relationship building, moving to another city/country.

7. You sense immediately if someone is lying to you (even if it is a white lie).

8. You feel hunches during your decision making process. You might not able to explain why at the time, but you are happy to follow the hunch. Only later on, you find out that your hunch has led you to synchronicity (showing up at the right place at the right time).

9. You accidentally predict the ending of a film, even though it might make you feel like a fool before seeing the ending.

10. You are sensitive to temperature or weather changes.

11. You have a photographic memory.

12. You can sense intention behind people’s actions. You have an "inner-knowing" that we are all confused and lost on some level, and when people hurt you it is because deep down they are scared.

13. During conversations with certain people, you can finish off their sentences, either out loud or in your head.

14. You have out-of-body experiences.  Example: through accidents, physical sickness

15. You can see things that others can’t “see” normally.  Example: auras, geometry shapes in the air.

16. You make fairly accurate predictions without deliberate guessing.  Example: friends getting married or being promoted.

17. You understand that your physical illness is a manifestation of your spiritual and emotional discomfort.

18. You can tell the differences between clear guided insights and overwhelming emotions.

19. You believe that there is universal energy flowing through everything.

20. You remember some of your past lives through dream, meditation or encounter with your soul family members.

PictureSomething Wonderful is Going To Happen
So, how do you think you did?

Do you think you have a strong intuition?

Total up your points and hold on to that number until tomorrow.

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Baby Boomers,

Happy Friday.

I hope you have had a fantastic week.

Since it's Friday, how about a little lighthearted humor about folks our age?

I hope you enjoy it.


Four old retired men (we see a lot of them in Arizona) are walking down a street in beautiful Bisbee , Arizona.

Can you picture them?

Here's what I see them wearing: outdated loose fitting polo shirts in contracting colors to their light blue, green, pink and yellow thigh length shorts belted at the armpits, black socks up to their knees and beige Velcro tennis shoes?

They turn a corner and see a sign that says:

 "Old Timers Bar - ALL Drinks 10 Cents."

They look at each other and then go in, thinking this is too good to be true.

The old bartender says in a voice that carries across the room, "Come on in and let me pour one for you!"

"What will it be, gentlemen?"

There's a fully stocked bar, so each of the men orders a martini.

In no time the bartender serves up four iced martinis, shaken, not stirred and says, "That's 10 cents each, please."

The four guys stare at the bartender for a moment, then at each other.

They can't believe their good luck.

They pay the 40 cents, finish their martinis, and order another round.

Again, four excellent martinis are produced, with the bartender again saying.......

"That's 40 cents, please."

They pay the 40 cents, but their curiosity gets the better of them.

They've each had two martinis, they are starting to feel their buzz and haven't even spent a dollar yet.

Finally one of them says, "How can you afford to serve martinis as good as these for a dime apiece?"

"I'm a retired plumber from Phoenix ,"
the bartender says, "and I always wanted to own a bar."

"Last year I hit the Lottery Jackpot for $125 million and decided to open this place." 

"Every drink costs a dime. Wine, liquor, beer it's all the same."

"Wow! That's some story!" one of the men says.

As the four of them sip at their third martinis, they can't help noticing seven other people at the end of the bar who don't have any drinks in front of them and haven't ordered anything the whole time they've been there.

Nodding at the seven at the end of the bar, one of the men asks the Bartender,

"What's with them?"

The bartender says, "They're retired people from Florida." 

"They're waiting for Happy Hour when drinks are half-price, plus they all have coupons..."

Some day we'll all be there, right?

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Phoenix area Baby Boomers,

Some folks from the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce along with the members of Leadership West, the City of Youngtown and the AARP Youngtown Chapter #1 are hosting a wonderful event for the valley community.

That's right, I said the AARP Chapter #1.

THE very first AARP chapter in the nation.

The event is the:

 6th Annual Health, Safety, and Pet Festival

More than 90 organizations are scheduled to exhibit. There will be everything from healthcare, safety products, healthy living coaching, exercise specialists and even I will be there representing our Survive55.com website.

It will be a great day to have fun, enjoy good food, network with your community and meet some of the local businesses as well as enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful town of Youngtown.

  •   The Event Date is February 21, 2015

  • The Event runs from 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

  • The Event will  be located at Greer Park

The address is 112th Ave. and West Alabama
Youngtown, AZ 85363

Click here for Google Maps

Come on out and enjoy the festivities and the fantastic Arizona weather.  I hope to see everyone there.

Baby Boomers,

Did you know you can now file your taxes for free?

Just click on this IRS (Internal Revenue Service) site for further information:


This is all because of the development of the "Free File Alliance."  


The Free File Alliance is a group of industry-leading private-sector tax preparation companies that have agreed to meet the IRS' high standards for security and privacy and provide tax software options for free.*

*The IRS does not endorse any individual Free File Alliance company. While the IRS manages the content of the Free File pages accessible on IRS.gov, it does not retain any taxpayer information entered on the Free File site.

File your federal taxes for free.  

Exclusively from the IRS, Free File offers easy-to-use, brand-name software, tax prep and e-filing–all for free. 

This includes Turbo Tax and H&R Block.

You can even get help locating important tax credits. 

What are you waiting for? Join the over 43 million taxpayers that have already saved by using Free File.

It’s fast. It’s safe. It’s free.

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Baby Boomers,

Today we wrap up the 50 ways to achieve complete expert status in organizing the most important priorities in our lives. 

Do you know what the best part of this exercise has been?

In researching this topic, I found plenty of new ways to improve my own life. 

I am becoming a better person by following my own advice.

Hopefully, over the past 4 days you have found something helpful and interesting and have adapted it to your own planning routines.

If something I have written about works for you, please tell someone else.

You'll be surprised how good it makes you feel.

So, let's dive in one more time and look at my final 10 organization tips to help make your lives fuller and more efficient.


PictureIT'S OK TO SAY "NO"
1. Just Say No

It's hard to do but people like me need to learn to say “NO”.

It's OK to say "NO" to new commitments, to interruptions, to requests for help, to stop and talk......to just about anything.

This is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to keep you focused on your own commitments and give you time to work on them.

2. Unschedule

I love this advice.

Schedule all your fun activities and personal life stuff (the stuff you want to do) first.  Then fill in whatever time’s left over with uninterrupted blocks of work.  Write those into your schedule after you’ve completed your fun activities.

Don't go overboard and make your entire day fun activities (Dammit) but put the non-pressure stuff on your schedule first.

Reward yourself after every block of quality, focused work.


3. Purge

I know this doesn't sound real sexy but regularly go through your existing commitments and get rid of anything that is either not helping you advance your own goals or is a regular “sink” of time or energy.

4. One Bucket

Minimize the places you collect new things in your life: your “buckets”. 

Ideally, you should have one “bucket” where everything goes. 

Lots of people experience an incredible sense of relief when everything they need to think about is collected in one place in front of them, no matter how big the pile.

Picture50/30/20 RULE

5. 50-30-20

Spend 50% of your working day on tasks that advance your long-term, life goals, spend 30% on tasks that advance your middle-term (2-years or so) goals, and the remaining 20% on things that affect only the next 90 days or so.

Scroll over and left click on the "50-30-20"  link to be taken to the blog by Steve Pavlina where you will find a more in depth review of this topic.

6. Timer

Focus and direct yourself to work on a project or task, and only that project or task, for a set amount of time.  Set a timer (use a kitchen timer, or use a countdown timer on your computer) and plug away at your work. 

When the timer goes off, you’re done — move on to the next project or task.

7. Do Your Worst

Give yourself permission to suck. 

I found this very hard to do at first.  Being a perfectionist, I spent way too much time making sure everything I was working on was "just right".  It doesn't have to be.  It really doesn't.  Good enough, most of the time, is good enough.

Repeat after me "Good Enough is Good Enough."

Relieve the pressure of needing to achieve perfection in every task on the first run.  Promise yourself you’ll go back and fix any problems later, but for now, just run wild.

8. Keep it or Toss it

Avoid clutter by adopting a "replacement-only" standard.  Every time you but something new, you throw out or donate something old. 

For example, if you buy a new shirt, you must get rid of an old one.  If you begin to feel overwhelmed by your possessions then try the "One in, Two Out" method.  For every one thing you bring into your life, two must be removed until you feel complete balance again.

This way you won't wind up on the show "Hoarders."

9. Make an Appointment with Yourself

Schedule time every week just for you.  It can be "business" time or it can be "fun" time or it can be "focus" time or it can be "retrospective" time.  You are the most important person to you.  Put "you" on your calendar.

Consider the current condition of your life right now and ask your self some questions:

  • What’s working? 
  • What isn't working? 
  • What mistakes are you making? 
  • What could you change? 
  • What are you doing well and how can I use this in other parts of my life?

Give yourself a chance to get to know you.

Take a few seconds and click HERE to be taken to the very cool "Lifehack" website to learn how to put yourself back in you.  

I also recommend taking a look (click on picture link below) at the book by Maida and Alena Joy Berenblatt so perfectly titled "Make an Appointment with Yourself"
10. Email

OMG........excuse my French but does this "shit" take over your life sometimes or what?

If you are like me (see perfectionist in tip #7) you can't focus until your mailbox is properly cleared up.  If you are going to "attack" your email file then decide what to do with every email you get the moment you read it.  If there’s something you need to do, either do it or add it to your "to do" list and delete or file the email.  If it’s something you need for reference, file it. 

Make life simpler.

Empty your email inbox every day.

[This space intentionally left blank]

So, what do you think?  

This is a pretty big list.

Like I said at the beginning, if Paul Simon can figure out "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"  then we can find 50 ways to make our lives more organized.

But this is not an exhaustive list. 

The last space (or as many as you need) is left for you to fill in. 

What works for you?

Are there any personal tips you would like to share with the rest of the Baby Boomer community?

Let us know in the Comments section— or write your own list and link back to us!

It wouldn't be proper if I didn't finish this final segment of our "50 Ways to Organize Your Life After 50" list without a proper quote.

Well, here you go.....

                                    "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done."

                                                                                                                             - Rita Mae Brown

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